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It is with my great pleasure and honor to announce The 4th International Conference of Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Network Topology which will be held from 22nd – 23rd August 2020 in the University of Jember, East Java, Indonesia. It is the fourth international conference organised by CGANT University of Jember.


Dr. joe Ryan
Prof. Dr. Basuki Widodo, M.Sc
Prof. Martin Baca
Dr. M. Venkatachalam
Prof. Drs. Dafik, M.Sc., Ph.D
Prof. Drs. Slamin, M.Sc.App, Ph.D.
Prof. Agil Bagirov, Ph.D

Conference Themes

The main themes of The Fourth International Conference Combinatoric, Graph Theory and Network Topology 2020 is focused on problems related to graph theory and its applications. The topics of the conference include:

  1. Connection of distance to other graph properties,
  2. Degree/diameter problem,
  3. Distance-transitive and distance-regular graphs,
  4. Metric dimension and related parameters,
  5. Cages and Eccentric graphs,
  6. Cycles and factors in graphs,
  7. Large graphs and digraphs,
  8. Spectral Techniques in graph theory,
  9. Ramsey numbers,
  10. Dimensions of graphs,
  11. Communication networks,
  12. Coding theory,
  13. Cryptography,
  14. Rainbow Connection,
  15. Graph labelings and coloring,
  16. Applications of graph theory